North Side Elementary Brushing Program

Children participating in Zylo Oral Care's brushing program have now memorized the 10X10 Brushing card. The teachers in the lower grades call out the Steps, but in the upper grades children take turns leading the brushing.


The generous sponsorship of Dr. Herrin provides for 275 children to have a brush after lunch every day from Sept 20-May 20 of the 2014-2015 school year. This has been a great success and has helped many children. The teachers were excited for these children to have this opportunity and were very cooperative. They told us the children would not let them go without the brushing every day. All grades have been taught to brush correctly, and this has built leadership in the children who take turns leading each day.


They have now learned that brushing your teeth after lunch is as important as washing your hands before lunch. Zylo Oral Care's mission is to make this program available to all school children in our area, our state, and our country and perhaps even internationally some day. Dental health is so important to overall health and even a seemingly small thing like ensuring school children have access to dental hygiene materials, instruction, and supplies can make a huge impact on world health.


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