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10x10 Brushing Program™

New Concept on Brushing to Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness... 

10 Times 10 Brushing Program

Purpose: Instill in children at an early age a systematic method of brushing that will result in consistent results for improved oral hygiene for a life time.

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The necessity for teaching proper brushing is evidenced by the increase of dental disease among children. There is evidence that brushing immediately following meals helps reduce the acid levels associated with demineralization of teeth which results in dental caries (tooth decay).  Allowing children to brush in the school cafeteria right at the meal tray can facilitate improved oral hygiene with the resulting benefit of better oral health.  With a minimum of instruction time demonstrating proper brushing technique and lunch room etiquette, children can make brushing with a disposable, prepasted toothbrush a normal part of their lunch room experience.

Plaque Study at Rural Vale


Story and results of the Plaque Study at Rural Vale School September through November 2012 in conjunction with the University of Tennessee Department of Bioscience Research, Memphis, Tennessee

Lunchroom Brushing

The program consists of providing a brief classroom orientation and a short video that will educate the children on a new brushing program.

This is anticipated to allow the children to effectively brush in a short period of time. The toothbrushes will have pre-applied paste that is safe to swallow and is composed of food grade products readily available in health food stores.

At each meal time, a new brush with the paste will be provided. The children will be asked to brush. Significant features of the paste is that it does not foam, disappears in the mouth, tastes good, leaves the mouth with a very clean feeling, and is safe to swallow, as it does not contain fluoride.

Early childhood caries is one of the world’s most prevalent diseases of children.  As evidenced by the high demand for dental services at Remote Area Medical clinics, dental disease continues on into adulthood

with the resulting effects of

compromised health, pain,

absences from work or school,

and unnecessary loss of teeth

and self-esteem.

This opportunity for a child to

brush properly and to learn

that a clean mouth is a healthy

mouth can follow a child into


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