North Side School Zylobrush Success!

We recently received a letter from the principal of North Side (below) expressing how positive the Zylobrush lunchtime experience has been for her school. Our goal is to eventually be able to provide lunchtime brushing and instruction to all school children.


1000 North Roan Street

Johnson City, TN 37601

(423) 434-5249 (423) 434-5295 (fax)

To whom it may concern,

North Side has been part of an exciting partnership with Dr. Barry Hopper and partners to create a tooth brushing program for at risk students. This program will increase awareness for students to use appropriate brushing techniques, daily tooth care, and healthy dental care.

The students at North Side School were chosen to participate in a daily tooth brushing program. Each day students receive a free 1 time use disposable toothbrush after lunch. A special toothpaste has been placed on the brush before it was packaged. This paste is made with a natural sweetener called xylitol that helps stop the germs that cause cavities. This paste does not require water or spitting, so brushing can be done in the classroom.

An instructional video has been created to teach students how to brush correctly. This video was made at North Side School and was designed to help the children learn to do a better job of brushing.

Permission forms were sent home with each student to be signed by parents to participate in the program. We have over 95% participation in the program. The students are active participants and gladly brush daily at school with no hesitation. Getting this time to guide their dental care is critical in the early grades. We are blessed to have this opportunity each day.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Sharon D. Pickering, EdD

Dr. Sharon D. Pickering, Principal

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